Eesti Talleks AS operates in the development and leasing of commercial real estate, focusing on offering the best solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises. Eesti Talleks owns seven registered immovables at one end of Mustamäe Road, an important artery of Tallinn; the company also operates actively by Pärnu Road in the quickly growing industrial and service area in Laagri, as well as in Tartu. Altogether, the immovables add up to more than 160,000 square metres, more than 61,000 square metres of which is leased.

Pirni 7

Address: Pirni 7
Purpose: office building, production building, commercial building, warehouse and storage site
Area: 2,460 m

A four-storey A-grade office building with commercial and dealership spaces with large display windows on the ground floor. The sizes of office spaces in the building vary from 35 m2 to 1,500 m2. Free parking.

Mustamäe tee 4

Address: Mustamäe tee 4
Purpose: office building
Area: 7132 m2

The office spaces of the four-storey headquarters of Eesti Talleks vary from 10 m2 to 325 m2. The building has a spacious car park with free parking and there is a park in front of the building. The building also houses the Foodproff bistro, a 24-7 Fitness gym, and a seminar room. Free parking.

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Mustamäe tee 6B

Address: Mustamäe tee 6B
Purpose: office building
Area: 1811 m2

A three-storey office building with commercial and service spaces on the ground floor. The office spaces on the first and second floor vary from 13 m2 to 160 m2. Free parking.

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Pirni 12

Address: Pirni 12
Purpose: office and production building
Area: 20 760 m2

The rental spaces of the three-storey office building vary from 17 m2 to 180 m2, production and storage areas vary from 1,100 m2 to 9,300 m2. Free parking.

Pirni 5

Address: Pirni 5
Purpose: office building
Area: 1334 m2

The spaces of the two-storey office building vary from 9 m2 to 190 m2, the storage area in the basement is 325 m2. Free parking.

Mustamäe tee 8

Address: Mustamäe tee 8
Purpose: commercial building
Area: 2060 m2

The commercial and service spaces of the two-storey building vary from 25 m2 to 844 m2. Free parking.

Mustamäe tee 18

Address: Mustamäe tee 18
Purpose: office and commercial building
Area: 3069 m2

The office spaces of the two-storey office building vary from 12 to 146 m2, the commercial spaces from 68 to 430 m2. Free parking.

Seminar room

The 45 m2 seminar room is suitable for up to 20 people. The room has everything required for organising seminars, trainings, meetings, or appointments: a projector, a screen, Wi-Fi, three whiteboards, a flip chart, stationery, a water cooler, and coffee for an extra fee. The room has six separate desks that can be arranged in a U-shape or in a classroom or theatre style. The bistro in the building offers lunch on their premises or deliveries to the seminar room.

The hourly price of the seminar room is €20 + VAT, daily price €100 + VAT.

If you wish to book the seminar room, send an e-mail to or call 656 4000.

Artelli 7

Address: Artelli 7
Purpose: warehouse and storage site
Area: 6325 m2

The total surface area of the warehouse and storage site at 7 Artelli Street is 6,325 m2.

City Motors Laagri

Address: Pärnu road 541
Purpose: office and commercial building
Area: 2727 m2

City Motors Tartu

Address: Jõe 9a
Purpose: office and commercial building
Area: 1053 m2