Eesti Talleks – from an excavator manufacturer to an investment company

The story of Eesti Talleks began in 1944 with the founding of the Tallinn Engine Repair Factory. Later, the company was called Tallinn Excavator Factory and Tallinn Production Association Talleks, also incorporating the machine factories operating in Mõisaküla, Paide, and Viljandi. Talleks mainly produced trench and drainage excavators and tractors, which were sold to more than 50 countries.

With the restoration of Estonian independence in 1991, the formerly dominant market of drainage and construction machines in Eastern Europe declined rapidly and the large industry owned by the state needed a new direction in the new environment. On 4 October 1993, Eesti Talleks AS privatised the former Tallinn Production Association Talleks. Under the leadership of Andres Sarri, who spearheaded the privatisation, Eesti Talleks became one of the most influential companies in industry and trade by the early 2000s.

Today, Eesti Talleks focuses on long-term investment projects with the aim of ensuring stable growth and profitability. The group comprises City Motors AS, the authorised dealer of Renault, Dacia and Nissan. Our openness to new ideas and innovation, our skill to react quickly to changes, and our courage to grow and dream have allowed Eesti Talleks to evolve from an excavator manufacturer of an industrial country into a modern investment company with an ambition of endless growth.


We ensure stable growth and profitability through long-term investment projects and will expand to twice our current size by 2023.

We are an investment company based on Estonian private equity that creates a possibility for stable development in the endlessly changing business environment for our subsidiaries, employees, and partners.



We are open to development through novel ideas and an innovative approach. We have an understanding of various situations; we know how to see things from a different angle and are not afraid to think outside the box.

We react quickly to changes, have a proactive approach, and offer different solutions.

We dare to make decisions and expand to twice our current size. We dare to give recognition and apologise for our mistakes; we dare to differ from the ordinary and dream big.

Our people
Our greatest value is our team – a group of dedicated and motivated people who always give their all. We care about our people, support their professional and personal development, encourage them, and acknowledge their achievements.